Ties of the Heart – 7th of 8 Shibari Drawings Created in 9 Hours

/, Sold/Ties of the Heart – 7th of 8 Shibari Drawings Created in 9 Hours


I woke on Saturday 15 February 2014 and, experiencing no other torments, challenged myself to create 9 drawings in 9 hours. I did get 9 done, but tore one up as it went off the rails and couldn’t be saved.

I’ve had these 8 drawings in a folder for long enough and am now setting them free.

This series of drawings is about feeling vulnerable and being held powerless by emotional ties.

Faced with so much nudity all at once could be a bit unsettling for some people. I’m not entirely comfortable with it, myself. Add to that, the Shibari aspect… which I myself am not into, but I am fascinated why other people are into it. On the surface it seems harmless enough.

Shibari is a Japanese word which means “to tie” or “to bind”. Shibari is practiced on models, often nude, as an art form and is also sometimes referred to as Kinbaku (tight binding) or Kinbaku-bi (the beauty of tight binding).

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