• Acrylic On Arches paper
  • 42cm (W) x 59.4cm (H)

I’ve painted and repainted this so many times, the paper feels like leather. A week ago it was very bright, in gorgeous spring colours, however I found it a bit hard to live with.

Last night I came across Rothko’s White and Greens on Blue (image above) and I imagined this nude repainted in those colours and knew I had to do it, although I decided not to use any green because it stimulates the mind and I wanted this to be a calming piece.

Rothko built up his colour fields with many layers of paint, applied unevenly so that some of the covered-over layers are still visible. As the eye distinguishes one shade of a colour from another, the image appears to move. Rothko’s are often described as “vibrating”, but personally I feel more of a throb. It’s the same when I stand in front of large Aboriginal paintings. It’s palpable … like a heartbeat I feel but don’t hear. True story 🙂

In my painting I’ve also left some of the underlying layers of paint visible, particularly across the chest, where I scratched back the final blue paint for a sgraffito effect.

Once framed and hung, I think this piece is going to totally own any room you put it in.

If you buy this, would you please send me a photo of it hanging on your wall? I grow attached to my paintings. Seeing them in place in their new homes makes me so happy.