Self Portrait – Thinking About Picasso

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Self Portrait – Thinking About Picasso

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Late one night I was staring at the painting, Buste de Femme d’Après Cranach le Jeune (Portrait of a Woman After Cranach the Younger), by Pablo Picasso, 1958, on my computer screen… I could hardly keep my eyes open, but I didn’t want to close the window, so I took a webcam photo of myself and had a bit of a play around in Photoshop. It was my way of saving the moment.

I did this is 2010 and have never given it much thought, but looking at the two images now.. I see his subject was obviously riddled with anxiety.  I had some things weighing on my mind at the time also. I think by combining the two images and removing all colours apart from the amber glow…. it may have been my unconscious trying to let me know that everything comes out in the wash. I do find it very calming to look at.

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