I Dreamed You Dreamed of Me

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I Dreamed You Dreamed of Me


  • graphite and conte on 185gsm Arches paper
  • 29.7 x 42cm (A3)



Click clack. She strides in metal heels with legs smooth as honey. Watching her walk, he thinks… they fall at her feet but she doesn’t see, because talk is cheap and time is money.

23rd century girl. Bruised beauty. Something about her eyes…… sooty, disillusioned from promises and lies. Wanting everything or nothing at all. Man-made baby doll.

She says, “Last night I dreamed I was an island and you were a bird… so high above me, but I heard the sound of your wings and knew you were the only one who had found my still, quiet shores.”

He smiles. Her dreams are an ocean of innumerable tides.

“Tell me all you’ve seen.” she whispers.

“Show me what you feel.” he sighs.


Poem by Lee Wilde, will be included on the Certificate of Authenticity.